Tel-Ad Electronics
Tel-Ad Electronics is a leading supplier providing products and solutions in the electromechanical field to a wide variety of customers in Israel and abroad.
Tel-Ad offers many services and products, including, but not limited to: cable production, connectors, turn-key projects, electromechanical design and communication products.
Tel-Ad Electronics is a leading turn-key manufacturer. For more information...
Tel-Ad is a leading VAR of embedded modules and modems for cellular conectivity and M2M
New Series - Hybrid Connectors

C091 Hybrid Connectors are now available from Amphenol

For the power supply and control circuits of small electric appliances, such as electric motors for example, Amphenol now offers special solutions based on it´s miniature Series C091.

Various designs are possible. For example 3 power contacts and 6 signalcontacts aranged such that best heat dissipation and optimum electric strength is achieved (<40 V). Due to the special features of the stamped and formed power contacts, currents up to 10 amps are possible.

New ExpressPort SFP 2xN Combos
Amphenol's Express Port SFP +2xN Combos expand Amphenol's SFP series product offering to provide data transfer speeds of up to 10  Gbps. This is a high speed I/O interconnect system providing a higher speed, inexpensive External I/O product, primarily for the networking, telecom and storage system markets.
LUSB Connector Series
The standard USB connector uses a push pull interface with no latching.
It relies on the design of the mating interface and the ground tabs to maintain the connection of the plug to the receptacle. Currently there are applications in anumber of markets where vibration and inadvertent separation of the cable is a potential problem due to loss of data when the mated interface is accidentally broken.