About Tel Ad
Tel-Ad Electronics
Tel-Ad Electronics is a leading supplier providing products and solutions in the electromechanical field to a wide variety of customers in Israel and abroad.
Tel-Ad offers many services and products, including, but not limited to: cable production, connectors, turn-key projects, electromechanical design and communication products.

Tel-Ad was established in 1986 and has been growing ever since, expanding and improving its many services.
The company headquarters are located in the city of Kfar Saba and employ 350 employees. The facilities, which occupy 9500 square meters, include the company's headquarters, production lines and warehouses
Tel-Ad is an exclusive representative of several leading international manufacturers of cables, connectors and communications products such as Amphenol, DDK, Unixtar and more.

For a full list of companies represented by Tel-Ad, click here.
Tel-Ad includes several business groups that complete its activities: 
  • Tel-Ad China - The Tel-Ad subsidiary in China provides overmolded cables in 'High Mix – Low Volume' production for the company's customers.
  • Tel-Ad Shanghai - Tel-Ad sales office for customers located in China.
  • Tel-Ad Taiwan - Purchasing office located in Taiwa
  • Tel-Ad Romania - R&D office offering electric design, specializing in  backplane design.
  • Tel-Ad Mobile - Major distributor, importer and exporter of mobile phones, spare parts, accessories, tools, and other cellular related products