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Turnkey in the Far East

Tel-Ad provides full Turnkey services for its customers in Israel and abroad via subcontractors in the Far-East.
The manufacturing process takes place in the Far East via select Tel-Ad manufacture associates.

We provide several different production alternatives, by request.
  • From product definition to mass production -  The customer requirements are defined in a Statement of Work (SOW) and Tel-Ad carries out the entire project, starting with engineering and development, including standardization and finishing with full mass production.
  • From prototype to mass production - Tel-Ad takes the customer prototype design to full scale mass production in the Far-East
  • From mass production to mass production - for customers that already have a product in mass production, in Israel or abroad, and are interested in moving the production line in order to cut production costs.

Tel-Ad's specialized team is exceptionally experienced in work with factories and production lines in the Far East. For the customer, this provides the following benefits:
  • Shortening procedures and timelines - Improving the Time to Market of the product
  • Financial efficiency -  Reducing costs and improving the product's competitiveness in theglobal market.
Tel-Ad has full manufacturing ability to supply a finished product to the end customer. Possible services include electronic design, procurement, offering parts, assembly, programming, integration, packaging and shipping.

Tel-Ad's capabilities include:
  • Heavy duty plastic molds
  • Delicate metal parts
  • CNC milling capabilities
  • Aluminum pressure molding
  • Heat Sink CNC
  • Flexible, rigid or semi-flexible printed circuits
  • multi layer PCBs
  • Complex testing equipment (X-Ray) for BGA
  • Second Source service per customer request
  • Specialization in power supply components and modem
  • Specialization in mass productions
  • Specialization in mid-size production
  • Setting up production lines
  • Assistance with dedicated testing equipment
  • Production according to stringent standards and customer requirements
  •  Assistance in passing standards testing such as UL, CSA